Safety Policy

At Nirmal we consider all our operations as safety critical, and endeavor to keep all our personnel property informed on all safety aspects of our work. All our key management and technical personnel have been formally instructed on safety monitoring and control. We also strive to monitor all processes in our projects to ensure that proper safety precautions are taken and that all machinery and equipment is operated according to industry safety standards.

Environmental care

Part of our safety policy includes the proper care of the environment. Nirmal adheres to all regulations regarding the proper disposal of waste material and also monitors to see that no pollution or environment damage is caused in the course of our work. This responsibility has been given to the highest authority in our technical management team.

Project Integrity

As a vital aspect of our success, potential growth and reputation, we critically assess the legal and safety integrity of any project before we commit our work to it. We have a access to qualified assessors who we can consult if any question were to arise concerning the structural, technical, legal or safety integrity of a project.

Workmen's Insurance

All our workers are duly insured for compensation against personal injury. This applies to each and every project under Nirmal and we make same requirement of every contractor working under us in any given project.